The purpose of this page is to provide you with a synopsis of the range of services Arvee makes available to clients. More precise information is available through one of our representatives.

Arvee can or will provide:

  • The dedication that can only come from a company founded with the specific mission of providing independent trading representation and unique support services to industrial concerns. We focus on the successful management of client, disposable asset requirements, so that our customers can focus on their core business.
  • An account executive assigned to your company, with an average of fifteen years experience.
  • The combined marketing talents of a network of independent, seasoned recycling professionals, with domestic and international expertise.
  • We are proactive advocates for our customer’s business, constantly pursuing client interests with the trade.
  • The broad reach provided by Arvee’s trading data base, which exploits a wide variety of discreet, reliable and creditworthy, trading partners for client materials.
  • Support from Arvee’s computer resources, which are specifically designed to handle the unique business requirements of materials trading and related transaction management.
  • Conduct of all trading activities, including facilitating offers, negotiation of pricing and terms, issuance and oversight of confirming documentation, information exchange, product quality control, trade dispute resolution and any other related matters.
  • Joint pursuit of a long term transportation strategy and mode configuration that maximizes market reach, timely service and cost effectiveness.
  • Logistics and transportation support via Arvee provided or controlled conveyance. The proper equipment to meet facility requirements is made available and scheduled, based upon the service needs of each area or location.
  • Supervise all aspects of material shipments, including schedule adherence, product quality compliance and disposition of off-spec lots.
  • Complete management of financial transactions related to trades, including collection, payment and transfer of proceeds, arranging authorized third party or subcontractor payments, resolution of payment or receipts discrepancies, required reporting to regulatory bodies and timely interface with client accounting.
  • Joint creation of all necessary audit trails covering product and individual shipment movement.
  • Development of meaningful management reports, customized to each client’s unique requirements.
  • Education and training resources designed to help plant staff pursue a continuous improvement process for the disposable asset area.
  • Routine Arvee visits to facilities and regular interface with administration, operations and executive staff. The goal is to invest everyone’s valuable time staying ahead of issues coming downstream, rather than reacting to problems after they occur.

Arvee complies with all plant environmental, safety and security procedures and we adhere to ISO/QS protocols.

Please move on to “Contact Us” to flesh out more details, or to start a discussion about how to effectively use our resources and commodity management experience, to facilitate your objectives.

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